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Drain Cleaning 

spartan snake

snaking bathroom sink

Jetter Pro Can clear even the most stubborn clogged drain with our professional drain snakes and high pressure hydro jetting machines. From small sink and shower drains, laundry and tubs to large sewer line and storm drains. 

Roots in your Sewer can be removed easily with our hydro jet root removal nozzle. This will give you back your full diameter so waste can flow freely to the city sewer. 

Mud and roots in yard drains can be flushed out so you can avoid standing water near your house foundations and planter areas which can cause damage. 

Hydro jetting

Drains will buildup over time causing more frequent clogging. It starts with soap, oils, hair, food and other things getting stuck in the pipe and hardening over the years. You may think of using a chemical drain cleaner to try and get the water to go down, but you may be causing damage to the pipes or making the clog even worse creating a sludge in the line. The better option is our professional hydro jetting service that will bring the inside diameter of the pipe back to normal by removing the buildup.

Hydro Jetting shower dain

Hydro jetting shower drain to clear out soap scum and sludge buildup

Sewer Cleanout

Sewer cleanout installation

roots in clay sewer line

Sewer repairs / Replacement / maintenance


A sewer that backs up is a messy problem and can be frustrating. Jetter Pro can get you flowing again. If you need to snake the line to clear out a blockage, or clean out buildup from years of buildup or if you need tree roots removed then we can help you. We have the solution you need. 

 - Sewer Repair and Replacement

 - Snaking

 - Hydro Jet Root and Grease Removal

 - Camera Inspection

 - Backflow Preventors

 - Trenchless Pipe lining


Sewer Pipe Liner

Roots in Sewer

Pipe Liner

water filtration

Halo 5 Filter

No one likes to think of possibly drinking  or showering in water that could possibly harm you. Your home should be a safe place for you and your family.  More and more families opting to install whole house water filtration systems. Its good for your pipes and body, and adds value to you house. 


Not only will it remove harmful chloramines in the water that corroded copper pipes and fixtures, it also removes many other manmade chemicals, hard metals etc. 


Chloramines are a group of chemical compounds that contain chlorine and ammonia. they are used to kill germs in water. These chemicals can dry out skin and scalp etc.                                                       

Plumbing Fixtures and Installations

water heaters

Bradford White Water Heater

new water heater

Corroded water heater


Jetter Pro provides maintenance, repairs and installation and replacement service for many different water heaters. Gas, electric tank or tankless heaters.

Water heaters need to be maintained to keep it working properly and safely. An annual flush out of sediment and debris from and deteriorating anode rod can help keep sediment from traveling up into your water lines and clogging faucets and shower heads. Also the anode rod should be replaced every 2-3 years depending on its condition and is (recommended by the manufacture). The anode rod helps protect the tank from corrosion from the water.​

Corroded water heater tank

We install Faucets, Garbage disposals, Toilets, Sinks and more. 

We Repair leaky faucets and shower valves.

If those emergency shutoff valves under your sink are frozen shut due to corrosion, we can replace them with new easy to turn valves. 

In many cases it is better to invest in a new faucet or toilet instead of praying the old one will last a couple more years.

New Toilet

two piece Kohler toilet

Toto Toilet

one piece toto toilet

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